Work in progress

“The child penalty in same-sex and different-sex couples in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland” (with Marie Evertsson & Maaike van der Vleuten)

“Mothers’ Birth Giving Status and the Division of Parental Leave – A Comparison of Adoptive and Biological Parents” (with Maaike van der Vleuten)


“The Anatomy of the Extensive Margin Labor Supply Response” (with Håkan Selin and Spencer Bastani). Scandinavian Journal of Economics. (See also popular science report in Swedish: “Hur känslig är gifta kvinnors sysselsättning för förändring i skatte- och bidragssystemet?” IFAU Rapport 2016:2)

“Parentalization of Same-Sex Couples: Family formation and leave rights in five northern European countries” (with Marie Evertsson and Eva Jaspers). Forthcoming in Palgrave Handbook of Family Policy (ed. Rense Nieuwenhuis & Wim Van Lancker). Palgrave.

Working papers

“Does the gender composition in couples matter for the division of labor after childbirth?” IFAU (2016:8). See also popular science report in Swedish: “Är lesbiska föräldrar mer jämställda?” IFAU Rapport 2016:9 and IFAU’s press release (in Swedish).

Press coverage: New York Times, DN, Arbetsvärlden, Feministiskt Perspektiv, Kvinnotryck, DN – Fakta i frågan, Arbetsliv, Utdanningsnytt, Altinget,, forskning.seSvD Ledare gästinlägg.

Also cited in “Parenthood the Swedish Way: a science-based guide to pregnancy, birth, and infancy” (in Swedish: “Praktika för blivande föräldrar: gravidfakta och barnkunskap på vetenskaplig grund” ) by Agnes Wold and Cecilia Chrapkowska. 

“Speedy responses: Effects of higher benefits on take-up and division of parental leave” (IFAU WP 2019:2). See also popular science report in Swedish: “Snabbhetspremien – Högre föräldrapenning för kvinnor ger mindre jämställt uttag” IFAU Rapport 2019:2, and press releases from IFAU and Uppsala University (in Swedish). 

Press coverage:  SVT and Dagens Arena.